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Welcome to Woman Shine

Hello my name is Rhonda Ohlson.

I created Womanshine to help you free your body and free your voice so you can shine all your true colours and express the real you from the inside out.

I work with women over 50 who want to share their wisdom and experience and shine brightly, but who lack the confidence to be seen and heard because they are held back by shadows of the past.

My passion is working with you to help you break free of the chains that bind you so you can find your voice to empower you to become a wise woman.

With over 30 years of experience as a Feldenkrais practitioner, body psychotherapist sound healer and author, my mission is to help you free your body and free your voice and break free of the chains that bind you so you can shine your true colours.

Let your true colours SHINE through and express the REAL you!

WomanShine is designed to help you wake up, empower yourself to let that light in.

I used to feel that pain of being imprisoned in a fortress I had built around my heart to stop the pain of my life. I didn’t know how to break out of this shell. I felt frustrated, shattered and disempowered. It left me unable to stand up and I did not have a voice to express the real me.  

Have you been repressed and lack the confidence to stand up and speak out for yourself?

Do you feel you are caught in the shadows of pain, fear and anxiety and don’t know how to come into the light?

Would you like to break open the protective shell that keeps you imprisoned in a small life, governed by the stories of your past?

Click on the link below for a free 45 min conversation with Rhonda about how to turn your pain into power to shine your true colours and express the real you.

Rhonda Ohlson

Finding my voice enabled me to sing the lead in an opera, sing in 2019 “The Power of Love” and 2021 “Dream Trilogy” to an audience of 1500 people in the Lord Mayor’s Gala concert at City Hall in Brisbane, and to teach Free Your Body Free Your Voice workshops to others.

Womanshine was born out of my own personal journey to reclaim my feminine spirit, shine my light and inspire you to find the courage and confidence to let your light shine through.



Workshops / Programs

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Moving with power and confidence
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Free Your Voice
Pelvic Power Workshop
Express the Real You,Let your true colours shine through program