24 Feb 2018

  • Do you have low bone density or osteoporosis?

  • Have you broken any bones in your body?

  • Are you losing height?

  • Do you have a Dowagers Hump?

  • Would you like to have strong bones to support you to move well in your life? 

Check out this  fantastic...

19 Feb 2018

 When I began my Feldenkrais Training in 1989, I was so surprised and delighted to feel  how my body/mind was rewiring to enable me to move with more ease and grace and to be free of pain.

However, I was so surprised to experience how my voice became clearer...

19 Feb 2018

Here is a very insightful article about the latest research in Osteoporosis, which reassures me that I have chosen the healthiest way to strengthen my bones.

 In 2001, when I was 51, I broke my little toe, and was diagnosed, by Dexa tests, with Osteoporosis.


16 Feb 2018

 For many years I lived in frozen fear. It has been a long road to learning how to support and ground and love myself when old traumas get activated.

What really struck me was the fact that when we are in fear our voice has no power and passion to manifest because...

15 Feb 2018

 Banafsheh Sayyad is "poetry in motion. Our body has a Divine Design. We are made to move in spirals. 

When I have freed my body and mind using Feldenkrais Movements, it gives me so much joy to dance. 

Come on-have a go. No one is watching.  Feel the joy and pl...

15 Feb 2018

 I am so excited to be immersing myself in a sixteen week training with Chloe Goodchild called "Liberate the Voice of Your Soul."  "And the word was made flesh" truly comes alive as we sound from a place of stillness deep into the core of our bones.

Here is a...

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