26 Feb 2019

Would you like to build strong bones for life? Jumping may be the key!

Jumping for six minutes the week can give you stronger bones is the title of recent article in The Daily Mail in the UK, by Victoria Allen Science Correspondent.   

Dr. Gallin Montgomery, fr...

18 Aug 2018

Have you had times in your life when your bridges were burned and you had to start again rebuilding your life from the ground up? Would you like to build a strong bridge in your body to support you as you age, no matter what storms blow through your life?

24 Feb 2018

  • Do you have low bone density or osteoporosis?

  • Have you broken any bones in your body?

  • Are you losing height?

  • Do you have a Dowagers Hump?

  • Would you like to have strong bones to support you to move well in your life? 

Check out this  fantastic...

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