24 Apr 2019

This morning I listened to Michael Beckwith speaking about his upcoming course 'Living in a Visioning State in Your 40s, 50s & Beyond.' He talks about visioning from a state of Being rather than manifesting from ego wants.

He does this amazing visualisation where you fe...

26 Feb 2019

Would you like to build strong bones for life? Jumping may be the key!

Jumping for six minutes the week can give you stronger bones is the title of recent article in The Daily Mail in the UK, by Victoria Allen Science Correspondent.   

Dr. Gallin Montgomery, fr...

19 Jan 2019

Calm your Nerves with simple hand movements

3 Oct 2018

 Would you like to speak and sing with power and passion and shine your true colours?  The secret lies is tuning up your body so that your voice box becomes a tuning fork that sends a resonance through your bones. Your body becomes a resonating chamber. Remember how yo...

18 Aug 2018

Have you had times in your life when your bridges were burned and you had to start again rebuilding your life from the ground up? Would you like to build a strong bridge in your body to support you as you age, no matter what storms blow through your life?

21 Jul 2018

Have you ever been held back from moving forward in your life by a critical voice inside you? 

You’ve done many years of personal growth, and worked on changing your thoughts but still feel stuck in certain key areas.  

The problem is that many therapies deal w...

7 Jun 2018

Discover how to rewire you brain with movement and voice to move beyond your personal history and reclaim a new more vibrant life.

29 May 2018

 "There is nothing wrong with Nash. He is an intelligent boy. We need to provide the environment that will help him succeed."

This video  brought tears to my eyes, watching a baby with Global Brain Damage  learn to walk at 3 years old, using gentle m...

23 Apr 2018

 Extra! extra! Read all about it.

This Feldenkrais Awareness Summit is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the experience of the Feldenkrais Method with some of the best teachers on the world, in the comfort of your lounge room. 

Do you long for a deeper connec...

8 Apr 2018

When I first heard Maria Callas sing this famous aria from Tosca, I wept! 

Her voice is so naked, and wild and vulnerable and brave and passionate. 

I felt my heart break wide open, pouring out all my tears and fears from years of repression of my real feelings. 


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