29 Nov 2018


Michael White has this amazing voice that the world needs to hear. Two months ago he was suffering from so much anxiety  and pain that he couldn't express what he knew was inside of him! 

Then something magical happened. He learnt how to build a strong container o...

3 Oct 2018

 Would you like to speak and sing with power and passion and shine your true colours?  The secret lies is tuning up your body so that your voice box becomes a tuning fork that sends a resonance through your bones. Your body becomes a resonating chamber. Remember how yo...

8 Apr 2018

When I first heard Maria Callas sing this famous aria from Tosca, I wept! 

Her voice is so naked, and wild and vulnerable and brave and passionate. 

I felt my heart break wide open, pouring out all my tears and fears from years of repression of my real feelings. 


2 Apr 2018

This Easter, I spent two glorious days at a Feldenkrais training in Brisbane, learning "spiral moves" to come harness the power and passion to move with ease and grace, from lying face down to standing upright.

Feeling a freedom and joy in moving that I hadn't felt sinc...

12 Mar 2018

This morning, my client Julie said how she was feeling tired because she stayed up late. Only the week, before we had been discussing how she could care for herself and her adrenal exhaustion by going to bed early. 

On further enquiry, it turned out that she was in...

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