Food For Thought About Osteoporosis

February 19, 2018




Here is a very insightful article about the latest research in Osteoporosis, which reassures me that I have chosen the healthiest way to strengthen my bones.


 In 2001, when I was 51, I broke my little toe, and was diagnosed, by Dexa tests, with Osteoporosis.


Two years later I was dumped by a huge wave in the surf and broke my collar bone. 


Then in 2007, I cracked my right knee cap, at the same time that my daughter fell pregnant!


I felt deep in my bones that medical drugs were not for me, despite warnings by doctors of being a crippled old lady, and flashbacks of my mother dying at 69 after complications of a hip fracture.


Now, I am 69 myself,  I am slight built and my BMD is still showing osteoporosis.


However, I am fit and healthy. I

  • dance twice a week

  • do my Healthy Bones training in a program called Bones for Life.

  • use Ayurvedic medicine to improve my digestion and nourish my bones.

  • learnt to stand up for myself and speak up for myself.


For more information about the Bones For Life program, visit


Here is a link for the next training in Brisbane in March, 2018  






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