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Delightful, inspiring and uplifting! ‘Claim Your Sovereignty’ is an illustrated, step-by-step guide for those seeking to develop the self-confidence to stand up and speak their truth.

Using exercises and techniques such as body awareness, movement, and the gift of song and sacred sounds, Rhonda Ohlson shows us how to move forward fearlessly to claim the life we deserve. Rhonda writes with authenticity from a place of truth and love and shares her extraordinary personal voyage through physical and emotional trauma to empowerment and success, so that we may do the same.

- Lesley Oliver, author ‘The Gilded Cage – how I broke free from White Collar domestic violence and how you can too’

Glad to see you growing and sharing. Your book is awesome and so is your voice!

- Trish Springsteen

I just wanted to congratulate you about your amazing book “ Sovereign woman”, I’m reading it for the moment. You really have an amazing style in writing, the book just flows, it’s fun to read and yes you succeeded in transmitting your beautiful energy and love through the chapters because I felt it straight away. Thank you for such a beautiful gift. I look forward to seeing you again soon 😃!

- Saida Azzuaz

GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND - Mazel Tov! May you have every joy and may you open all your pores and all your 37 trillion cells to drink in the love and triumph of this moment and all that will be coming to you. What you had to do both internally and externally to arrive where you are is immense. It's what many people speak of doing and dream of doing and wish they could do but only the rare few actually accomplish. May this be just the beginning of the best part of your life! Much love to you!

- Tomar

Rhonda’s book presents a unique and masterful approach to releasing stress and trauma and expressing one’s true self and creative potential through the power of vocalization and song.


Her system distils decades of training in body awareness, somatic psychotherapy, singing and sound therapy into a deceptively simple series of practical steps. Behind this simplicity is a depth of understanding of trauma, the body, singing and Eastern spiritual tradition, as well as the interconnections between these. 


Her own moving personal journey transcending difficult early life experiences (snippets of which are offered in the book), and experience helping others as a Feldenkrais practitioner, makes her account compelling and authentic.  With original songs punctuating each chapter in the book, complementing the text beautifully, one has confidence that this person truly has walked the talk. 


This is a remarkable book of triumph over trauma, as the author describes working through from self-doubt and shut down after a dark and oppressive childhood, to fulfilling her dreams, singing the lead in an opera at the age of 67. There is an inspirational message behind this, that compels us to follow her guidance in releasing old fears and patterns, and expressing our hidden expressive talents and dreams.



That’s a pleasure Rhonda, it was very easy to write as I believe in you - you are a skilled and gifted woman. 

Wishing you every success, and look forward to contacting you in the future

Vicki Halik

Clinical Psychologist, MPsych, MAPS

Hi Rhonda 

I did enjoy listening to the  Cd of songs Sovereign  Woman 

the words were really clear and the harp in the background was soothing  and light and so suited to your voice 

You have an amazing voice !!

the songs made sense to me and followed each other well

Almost a story of their own in  a progression that made sense

- Colleen

 Rhonda, I can tell everyone, from what I’ve read and from knowing you over the last 12 months, you really go to the heart of what is happening for women. The fears around speaking up, the fears around being seen, being vulnerable. They are so real. To be able to have the skills and techniques to be able to manage them and move forward even though you’ve got those feelings is remarkable. I think what you have got to offer is fantastic.

I’m so excited for you and what you are going to be able to do with those tools you have created.

- Deb Fay

Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring us all at your book launch today. You opened up to your past and the painful lessons you learnt and moved through. Thank you for opening up your heart and for taking us on your creative journey towards personal sovereignty. I salute your courage in taking these steps and am delighted you could demonstrate your success today. Well done, dear Rhonda. An unexpected delight today was meeting up with your lovely daughter Selina and your two grandchildren. I was totally surprised that not only did Selina remember me but remembered coming to our house & playing with my two children. It was like a coming together & closing a circle from many years ago. I’m so glad I was at your book launch today. Much love.


- Sue

Dear Rhonda, I just want to thank you for the beautiful book you gave me. The sovereign woman is a book that I treasure. It's uplifting and inspiring. I just want to read it again and again. You are a wonderful person. Thanks so much 💓💞💝! P.SI am glad that you came into my life.

- Milena Petrovic

I have been playing your CD quite a lot - playing it to others too. Yes, it is really great advice if people are open to hearing or the time is right to fix oneself.  I can definitely see you on the talking/conference circuit. However, could you extend any workshop (or you spreading your info) to a day and perhaps help people to actually sing your songs, one at a time as well as your exercise stuff.  Well, I want to make a noise - the body has to catch up for me.  Thanks for the lovely CD.  I might have to get some more to hand out.


- Marion Forrest

Today, I am sending you my thanks for sharing your wonderful work and wisdom. These past 2 weeks have been extra busy, as I am moving out of this flat tomorrow, so final packing then cleaning and staying 2 nights with my family. Flight next Monday afternoon. Sending details another time. Your wonderful singing on your cd has given me so much uplifting and empowerment during this busy time. 


- Heidi Chitoni

I’m just reading your book – it’s really great!Well done…it’s a beautiful gift to the world.


- Louise Carroll

Great work from your book of which I’ve made pages of notes to refer to, to do some practice. I’m doing some even when I just think of it wherever I am.  I even do some of the voice sounds/ Singing in the shower when no one is around. 🤩You’ve done incredible work on yourself and I admire you for being so open to express your life experiences in your book.  I could relate with some of course as it would have done with so many of your followers and clients. Brave you.Thank you so much,


- Bev Hulse

"Having a one on one session with Rhonda is like having a warm hug. She shares her wisdom, borne of life experience and learning, with warmth and a quiet knowing that makes her easy to trust. You come away with tools to continue with your healing and growth. Rhonda has both a book and a video program that, once worked through, are there as a “go-to” when I am unsure or have forgotten how to do something. When I first went to Rhonda I had a section of my voice register where I had no sound coming out at all but now I have sound and Rhonda has me singing! I was also experiencing a lot of neck, hip and lower back pain which is starting to change for the better. I have started walking again without being in pain. With Rhonda’s help, I have come a long way but I know if I keep using the tools and knowledge that she has given me I will keep listening to my voice within and gain my sovereignty.


- Joanna Rowe

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